Day Trip to Beachcomber Resort

Before I start, I should be clear that in terms of being a ‘Party Island’. Compared to other islands in Fiji, and those in the South Pacific, it sure takes its win!.

But I think those who go to Fiji know this. If you want that Full Moon Party kind of thing with lot’s of bars and hoards of people, then go to Goa & Bangkok. If you want more of a chilled out holiday, with a beach bar (yes, simple 1 Bar Island ), reggae dance beats and a limited number of people, then Beachcomber could be just suitable for you.

It’s just a more relaxed kind of party atmosphere.

Sure there’s cocktails, music and glow sticks – but it’s pretty chilled out. Which is just lovely.

The island is small enough that walking the beachy perimeter takes only about ten minutes total, and the shores are exactly what you imagine when dreaming of a tropical island: white sand and the clearest water you’ve ever seen. It kind of felt like the coolest summer camp ever.

So as I walked around and reminisced a bit, it kind of hit me in a weird way that this would almost certainly be the last time I ever go back to Beachcomber Island. It’s one of those, that time in my life has passed kind of realizations that are actually kind of cool to have-epiphanies if you will. With all that, it was good to have some closure, I met some really cool people while I was out there and had a great time. It was great to go back to Beachcomber Island for the last time.


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